Our Network

Our Mission

Helping emerging leaders and young professionals enhance the nonprofit sector.

Our Vision

YNPN is the preeminent resource and connector for an engaged nonprofit community that strengthens Milwaukee.

Our Core Values

Civic Engagement
We raise awareness about the nonprofit sector in the Greater Milwaukee area, connecting the issues of our community to the nonprofits within it to broaden worldviews and improve quality of life.

We welcome and intentionally pursue diverse membership, recognizing the value it brings to our programming to effectively reduce barriers as we meet our community’s needs.

We empower our members to lead through board and committee service, educational programming, networking, and hands-on experiences, helping them to effectively impact their organizations and communities.

We invest in personal and professional development, which we believe leads to nonprofit sector improvement and eventually a stronger Greater Milwaukee community.

Our History

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network – Greater Milwaukee Chapter (YNPN) was founded in 2006 to create a network where next generation leaders can connect and support each other in order to strengthen their own leadership skills and, as a result, the nonprofit sector. We do this primarily through education and networking events.

In 2009, YNPN received its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status as the next step in developing the framework to better support the learning and development of young professionals.

Today, YNPN continues to grow and gain momentum, organizing at least eight events annually ranging from educational programming to service opportunities, to our annual Membership Kick-Off and our Holiday Social!