November Featured Nonprofit Partner

Have You Heard of Teach for America?
YNPN Milwaukee's November Featured Nonprofit Partner


What is the mission of Teach for America?

Our mission is to enlist, develop and mobilize as many as possible of our nation's most promising future leaders to grow and strengthen the movement for education, equity and excellence. 

How can individuals and organizations get involved with Teach for America?

Visit our website at or reach out to Chief of Staff Walter Bond at We’re always looking for prospective teachers and partners!

What impact does Teach for America have on the Milwaukee community? 

Teach For America Milwaukee currently has over 130 teachers in 55 schools reaching roughly 9,000 kids across the city of Milwaukee. We’re currently the most diverse source of teachers in the state of Wisconsin, with 47% percent of our teachers being people of color. Students of those teachers are exhibiting growth at the rate of 1.6 years within an academic year, on average. And since the inception of the Milwaukee region in 2009, many of alumni are making incredible impact across the city of Milwaukee, as veteran teachers, school administrators, non-profit leaders, and beyond.

How does Teach for America measure its success?

Our bottom line will always be the holistic growth of the children entrusted to our teachers — making sure that every student we teach is receiving an excellent education. Toward that bottom line, we also constantly refining our extensive teacher coaching model, and building relationships that allow us to learn from the many experts in the Milwaukee community who have been fighting for students for decades.

What can we look for from Teach for America in 2016?

From our start here in MKE, we’re proud to have provided a great set of teachers and educational leaders to partners across this city. Over time that group has grown to be the most diverse and long term retained set of new educators in Milwaukee. In 2016, we’re excited to officially launch the first year of our 2020 plan which will result in a version of TFA MKE that’s even more rooted in community, even more diverse and, working with school partners, will result in a drastic increase in the number of students who are prepated challenged and supported to lead this city to new heights.