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Have You Heard of City Year?
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CY_Patch.jpgWhat is the mission of City Year?

City Year Milwaukee is an education non-profit powered by national service engaging 18-25 year olds in a year of full-time AmeriCorps service in 11 Milwaukee Public Schools as tutors, mentors, and role models to help students reach their full potential.  There’s a gap between what schools have been historically designed and resourced to do, and what kids need. Many students need more support than even the best teachers and administrators have the resources to provide – students need support from schools and community partners. City Year helps bridge the gap. Our AmeriCorps members provide full-time, individualized attention to kids and promote a positive culture throughout the whole school. 

How can individuals and organizations get involved with City Year? 16990379773_fd7fd08ebe_z.jpg

There are many ways to support the students of Milwaukee through City Year.  The first is to serve: if you are between 18-25 and interested in serving as a tutor and mentor in the classroom, we are accepting applications to fill our 2016-2017 corps on a rolling basis - but don't wait - we're filling up fast!  We also have a few staff positions opening and the listings can be found on Other ways to get involved include attending our annual Make a Difference Day and MLK Day of Service projects or partnering with us to support students in Milwaukee.  We also know there are City Year alumni in Milwaukee who served in other cities - we want you to get involved, too. We're always open to connecting!  

What impact does City Year have on the Milwaukee community? 

City Year was founded in Milwaukee in 2010 (founded in 1988, we now operate in 27 other US Cities and 3 international affiliates).  Since we've grown to a corps of 100 AmeriCorps members and 11 Milwaukee public schools.  Our work has positively improved school climates, assisted students in getting on track in Math and ELA, increase their school attendance, and become better citizens of the world.  We know we're making a positive impact,  but we also know we aren't doing it alone - we have amazing partnerships with the Milwaukee Public School District, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, Teach for America, the many other programs offering in-school support, service,  & guidance, and of course our incredible team and program sponsors.

17423769310_640a1ca3f4_z.jpgHow does City Year Milwaukee measure its success? 

City Year is a data-driven organization.  We track every minute spent with a student, every phone call made home, every observation & coaching session for our members, the list goes on.  We know we have been successful when students are making positive gains in the classroom and in their lives and the numbers reflect our impact.  As an entire organization, we meet monthly to review our progress to date and discuss how we can continue to improve our service.  We all have a role to play.

What can we look for from City Year in 2016? 

We'll continue serving in 11 schools next year; you can look for us standing outside each morning, "power greeting" (chanting, DSC00189.jpgcheering) our students as they arrive.  We are excited to increase our presence on social media and our local blog and continue to deepen our relationships and collaboration with other local AmeriCorps programs. You can also look for our 100 new faces of AmeriCorps members...welcome them to Milwaukee! Many of them will have moved here from out of state, and we want to keep their talent here so we can continue to positively impact the future of Milwaukee.  


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