March Featured Member

Meet Ambrose WB of International Association of Human Values
YNPN Milwaukee's March Featured Member


What is your experience in the nonprofit sector? 

Until three years ago, my experience in the nonprofit sector was only as a volunteer. I have helped at a dozen nonprofits since taking a service in high school where I taught kids at the St. Francis Children’s Center.

In 2014, my volunteering led me into my first nonprofit job at Journey House. I started as a Youth Development Coordinator and was quickly promoted to the role of Assistant Director of Youth Program. Journey House is a center for family learning and youth athletics that services the Clarke Square neighborhood on the near south side of Milwaukee. The organization's mission is to break the cycle of generational poverty through education, workforce development and youth development.

Currently, my focus is coaching in Milwaukee Public schools as a teacher. I work with an organization called International Association of Human Values. I work with administration, teachers, students and parents in a program called Y.E.S.! for School. It stands for Youth Empowerment Seminar for School. Teaching techniques for stress management to kids and those who work with them has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I also sit on two nonprofit board, Eisner Creative Foundation and PeppNation, and two nonprofit committees, Urban Ecology Center - Menomonee Valley and Young Nonprofit Professional Network.


What is your favorite nonprofit event or program?

I’d be hard-pressed to pick only one event or program. What I can say my favorite aspect of any event or program is anything and everything that serves Milwaukee youth. Even though I’ve been involved in coaching and mentoring for over a decade, I’m always pleasantly surprised how many great events and organizations are out there helping kid.

Who do you look up to as a professional mentor or role model? 

I have a great guy named Bill who has been serving as a person I can model in both my personal and professional life. Bill is the International Director of Y.E.S.! for Schools. Right now, as a professional, I strive for work/life integration. Bill is someone who is honest enough to say he’s still growing as a practitioner of meditation for over 43 years, a retired art teacher, and now the man behind 8 years of teaching kids yoga a breathing techniques all over the world. He’s shown me what high quality human values looks like in interaction with other people of all types.

How has networking proven beneficial to you? 

It’s a great way to get yourself out there. To be honest, I can do more of it now. When I first started my coaching business 10 years ago, I was at every event I could go to. Swapping cards, sharing meals, and toasting drinks was something that I became accustom to and it is a big reason why people know me in Milwaukee.

As I transitioned into the nonprofit sector, I knew it would be a grind again and I embraced it. I could stand to do more because of all of the benefits that come with putting yourself out there.

Why did you join YNPN Milwaukee?

As a fresh young nonprofit professional, I was looking for resources.

There was an event with Deanna Singh, Executive Director of the Burke Foundation, and I knew I should check it out.

From there, I saw an opportunity to lend my skills in marketing/sales to the committee and signed up.

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