January Featured Nonprofit

Have You Heard of Project Pivot?
YNPN Milwaukee's January Featured Nonprofit Partner

As of January 2016, BoardStar is completing the transition into becoming Project Pivot


What is the mission of Project Pivot?

Our mission is to pivot nonprofit organizations toward greater impact in creating more engaged communities. We believe impact in organizations occurs when the right leadership is equipped with the right skills. A goal of Pivot will be to engage and connect a community of leaders with these skills through a cohort-based training program and regional partnerships. Additionally, the full name of the organization is Project Pivot, but we will be using Pivot in most our branding moving forward.

How can individuals and organizations get involved with Pivot?

We will be working both locally and regionally to build very defined and intentional projects. These could vary from working with a corporation and their employees, to partnering with a funding agency and their grantees, or even running our own community-wide cohort program. Pivot is actively seeking partnerships in the local community and in the Midwestern region, and interested organizations and individuals can contact us via our website.

What impact does Pivot hope to have on the Milwaukee Community?

Our work in the community is just beginning. Pivot will use the knowledge and systems created by our predecessor, BoardStar, to work with organizations on more comprehensive and longer-term projects. We are removing the continual, out-of-the box training BoardStar was once known for and we’re working to build better systems to identify resources that leaders actually need.

How will Pivot measure its success?

In early discussions around BoardStar’s transition to Pivot, our partners, funders, and community members were all very receptive to the idea of an organization moving beyond education - and working directly on specific organizational challenges. This positive reinforcement is our first measure for success, we know we have a community in support of our new strategy and structure. Moving forward we will use a couple of internal measures for success, but the overall theme will be around impact. We are not using the traditional concept of outcomes as our measure for success; instead we will be measuring project success through cultural changes within organizations or communities.

What can we look for from Project Pivot in 2016?

There are two areas that we are really excited about for 2016. First, we are moving the BoardStar podcasts back to iTunes. When BoardStar began creating podcasts, I am not sure they realized how mainstream podcasting would eventually become. We currently have around 100 podcasts that we will be releasing overtime on iTunes once again. Search Project Pivot on iTunes to subscribe!

Second, we are looking forward to working more closely with our partner organizations to problem solve. With the past structure it was much more of a transactional engagement, where we’d be training one or two people from an organization. Now, we will either be working with individuals on a longer-term basis or more in-depth with organizations - and that is how we plan to support community impact.

Our first public program will be taking place in February and March, which you can learn more about on our website!

Want to learn more? Connect with Project Pivot below!

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