Meet our Panelists

Marisol Cervera

Director of Human Services, United Community Center

Marisol Cervera is a dignified resident of Milwaukee, Director of the United Community Center Department of Human Service, highly versed in systems of community / human services as accredited by leading personalities and institutions in the Southeastern Region of Wisconsin. Her speaking engagement as well as her authorship of Vocational and Educational endeavors have made a significant contribution towards community well being.

Furthermore, she is a recognized contributor as an adviser for the Female Graduate Experiential Project in 2012 in coordination with Traisystems Int’l and Cardinal Stritch University. She believes that sensitivity in planning and a coordinated approach in service do make a positive difference on those who play an important role in our community.


Benjamin Juarez

Technology Training Manager, i.c.stars

Ben comes to i.c. stars Milwaukee after more than a decade in public policy. He is founder of Cream City Coders, a startup that teaches young students to code. He first began to code in Python in 2012 and expanded to JavaScript, Swift, and C#. He has created desktop, web and mobile applications using several frameworks and development environments.

In his spare time, Ben likes to stay engaged in his community in the near Southside (the Silver City neighborhood to be precise). He serves on the boards of Layton Boulevard West Neighbors and the Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, and is a part of many committees focusing on Milwaukee’s tech talent (including the secret ones).

Ben strongly believes in lifelong learning, which is something he hopes to instill in each intern that walks through the doors of his office.